BodyFresh by Nilit

Odor control and Natural Balance on your Skin 

Antibacterial and Antiviral properties
Nilit® BodyFresh is designed with a special additive embedded in the microfiber yarn. The yarn prevents the growth of bacteria and reduces viral activity (Betacoronavirus 1).

Nilit BodyFresh is permanent.
Nilit® BodyFresh has a permanent effect on the garment. Its effectivity is tested after 100 washes at 40ºC. Garments made with Nilit® BodyFresh doesn’t need a frequent wash.

Maximum comfort
The properties of Nilit® BodyFresh allow you to exercise as much as you want and still stay fresh. This makes Nilit® BodyFresh ideal for any type of clothing that comes into direct contact with the skin.


Growth curve of the population of bacteria in the fabric in contact with the skin.