Polyester belongs to the family of synthetic polymers made from the polymerization of petroleum derivatives. Its origins as polyester fiber as we know it today was born in the 30s of the last century, being commercially known from the next decade with multiple applications developed mainly by Dupont (USA).

Polyester can be produced as a monofilament or multifilament, rigid or textured and in a wide variety of titles and different degrees of brightness, with different sections reflecting light.
Textured polyester in color is being used in both circular and flat knitting machine, cordage, rigid tapes and more applications.
Polyester is very resistant to moisture, chemicals and mechanical forces. It can be processed in heat and stretching to give it high mechanical strength.
Polyester can be considered an environmentally friendly chemical fiber; if it is not mixed, it can be melted and recycled.

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There are many properties and advantages of polyester over other classic fibers. These include: 

  • High elasticity for high stability and consistent shape
  • They are extremely strong high tenacity and resistant to abrasion.
  • Resistant to stretching
  • Extensible and does not wrinkle easily
  • Resistant to bacteria and mold.
  • It is more resistant than any conventional fiber.
  • Stain resistant 

Like other textile fibers, polyester has its own nomenclature to indicate what title it is. In first place it is indicated its thickness, usually indicated in Decitex (dctx: weight in grams per 10,000 m.), followed by the number of filaments of each ply and the number of total plies.

Our dyed polyester textured yarns, are available in a wide variety titles and colors, on card or as a customer's sample:

      Intermingled Twisted  
PES 75/36/1 SM     DYED YARN
  75/36/1 SM     BLACK DOPE DYED
  100/36/1 SM     DYED YARN
  167/48/1* SM     DYED YARN
  167/48/1 SM X X DYED YARN
  167/48/1 SM     FLAME RETARDANT - DYED Y.
  167/48/1 SM     BLACK / WHITE DOPE DYED
  167/48/2 SM X   DYED YARN
  167/48/2 SM     FLAME RETARDANT -DYED Y.
  167/48/2 SM X   BLACK DOPE DYED
  340/68/1 SM     DYED YARN

Our stock colour service is available in PES 167/48/1 SM.
We hereby only indicate our most standard products. For any other kind of yarn that could be of your interest, please contact us.

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