Sustainable and recycled yarns

Recycled polyamide fibers from the disposal of the industrial production cycle as well as polyester fibers from plastic waste such as PET bottles, are initiatives for a textile industry that is more respectful with the environment and committed to the sustainability of the planet. Fibers that comply with the certification of the Global Recycle Standard system.

Other sustainable fibers are those manufactured with reuse processes that reduce energy consumption and Co2 emissions or rapidly decomposing fibers for a cleaner environment.

  freepic recycle 


44/34/2 78/68/2

ECOCARE Recycled yarn SM Intermingled
PA 66 44/34/2 78/68/2 BIOCARE With an additive that accelerates biodegradation SM Intermingled
PA 66 44/34/2 78/68/2 BYNATURE From recovered organic waste SM Intermingled
PES 75/36/1 167/48/1 RECYCLED Recycled post consumer yarn SM  

We hereby only indicate our most standard products. For any other kind of yarn that could be of your interest, please contact us.